Students & School Leavers
My goal is to make learning to drive as enjoyable as possible. The happier you are, the faster you learn, the sooner you pass the test.

Older Drivers

With increasing age and ever more complicated road layouts, driving becomes more difficult. On the one hand you want to continue driving for as long as possible, but on the other hand you need to know that you're not a danger to other road users. I offer assessment lessons to establish a persons ability to continue driving. If there are problems I will offer help and do everything that I can to keep you on the road.

Your lessons will be carefully planned and delivered, by myself, to the highest standards in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

All my lessons are on a one-to-one basis which means that you won't be sharing with anybody else.
I offer a full hours individual attention, so I won't be taking calls when I should be teaching.
Your lesson can start or finish wherever suits you best - home, college, work or anywhere local.
My tuition vehicle is a fiesta, dual controlled and very easy to drive, it's the car you will pass your test in.

Giving Up?

I offer hope to a great many students who are struggling with their current instructor, finding it difficult to learn or who just cannot pass the driving test. I have found that most problems are easy to understand and not difficult to remedy. I can get you through that test.

Pass Plus

After passing your driving test, you might choose to take Pass Plus. This is a short course covering different aspects of driving such as motorways and driving at night, there is no test involved. The fee is £126 but this can be outweighed by reductions to your insurance premiums and it will of course make you a safer and more confident driver.