Learner DriverHere at Intuition, I can offer a variety of courses to suit your individual needs.
Lessons can be taken on an hourly basis, once a week, more frequently or, as an intensive course followed by the Driving Test.

I offer a variety of solutions from learner drivers who have either little or no experience right through to the more confident driver who just requires a refresher course before the driving test. Blocks of either 10, 20, 30 or 40 hour courses are available and can save money in the long run. Feel free to contact me to discuss any of these options and I'll be happy to help and inform you where appropriate.
10 Hour Course - If you simply need to polish your skills or have been unsuccessful on a previous test.

20 Hour Course - If you are competent to drive, but need a greater understanding of various road procedures.

30 Hour Course - If you have already mastered the basic controls and feel capable on the road.

40 Hour Course - If you have had very little, or perhaps absolutely no experience whatsoever.

Please bear in mind that these are guidelines and that individual abilities can vary.

Lessons are priced up at £17 per hour
Book 5 lessons at £16 per hour - £80
Book 10 lessons at £15 per hour - £150

Learner Driver

Theory Test £30.50
Driving Test £56.50
Pass Plus £126

Refresher Lessons


Many people take advantage of refresher lessons, often to deal with worries about motorway driving, difficulties with parking or even just getting used to a new car. Whatever the worry, I can provide the solution.